These Simple Activities Will Make You Infinitely Happier

We all love to feel good. Happiness is a sign of success in life and a huge chunk of the American dream. The good news is psychology research shows that happy people make more money, perform better at work, live longer, and have better marriages than everyone else. The bad news is only one in three Americans are very happy. So what can we do to bring more happiness into our lives? Over the past few decades, psychological science has found a few consistent trends in what makes people happy, and it's less a matter of what you have than the things you do. Scroll down to discover a few behaviors from Business Insider that can help:

Commit to Goals
Goals and happiness are mutually reinforcing. Happy people have lots of energy, and that energy can be put toward pursuing their latest quest. 

Find Meaningful Work
There's a difference between a job, a career, and a calling. People who are fulfilled by their work are happiest.

Buy Experiences 
According to Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, "If money doesn't make you happy, then you probably aren't spending it right." We derive more long-term happiness from experiences than from material things.

Eat Fresh Foods
A 2013 study titled "Many Apples a Day Keep the Blues Away" found that eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables had a positive correlation with happiness.

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