Love Dark Hardwood? Why You May Want to Reconsider


Courtesy of DISC Interiors

Spaghetti straps, choker necklaces, denim on denim… Yes, it's clear by walking the streets of New York City that the '90s are back. And with interiors loyally treading not far behind from the latest fashion trends—we've already seen the resurgence of velvet, denim textiles, and minimalism—we can only expect more ghosts from interiors past to make an appearance in our near future.

Picture a kitchen with birch cabinets and you may think you've fallen back 20 years. Blame it on the rising popularity of IKEA in the '90s, but blond wood was a seriously coveted commodity. Then, in the aughts, it more or less disappeared, making space for darker hardwood trends and grayed-out washes. Blondes, in the early 2000s did not have more fun—at least as far as interiors were concerned. But as everything that goes around comes around, birch wood tones slowly plotted their comeback, along with monochrome rooms and wrinkled linens. Like the Calvin Klein model of interiors, these blondies are going to be everywhere in 2017. Take a tour down memory lane, and weigh in on whether this comeback kid is here to stay.