You Can Live in This Purpose Driven Co-Living Space by the Beach For Less Than $1,000 Per Month

haven co-living space

 Courtesy of Haven Co-Living

Finding an inspired place to live can be difficult, especially since the recommended rent-to-income ratio isn’t very realistic in most major cities. But just imagine a world where you could live in a multi-million dollar house near the beach, mindfully designed with your health, wellness, and spiritual goals at heart—sort of like that luxe wellness resort we have all been dying to visit. A place where yoga classes, documentary screenings and TED Talk-inspired events occurred weekly and you could gather around a common dining area sipping your green juice while talking meditation with like-minded folk? Well, this place exists (in Los Angeles, of course!) and you can move in for less than $1,000 per month.

Haven is not just a co-living space—but a “purpose driven wellness community” located in a multi-million dollar property in Venice Beach, California. In addition to providing a gorgeously appointed room to sleep in—with everything from bedding to kitchen appliances and utensils—monthly rent includes all utilities and wellness perks such as multiple daily community activities like breathwork and yoga, morning group jogs, community vegan dinners, and fireside chats.

“We founded Haven because we saw an opportunity to use architectural, spatial, and interior design to solve a few of the most pressing issues we have experienced with modern urban living: oppressively expensive rents, social isolation resulting from the rise of the digital economy, and the challenge of finding time to live a healthy lifestyle,” Ben Katz, co-founder and CEO, tells MyDomaine.

co-living space
Courtesy of Haven Co-Living

Katz also mentions the mental health benefits of living with others. A recent survey found that 30 percent of millennials say they always or often feel lonely, a higher percentage compared to any other generation. Katz wanted to make it possible for someone to experience workout classes, make time for spa experiences, meditate every morning, eat organic, attend compelling events, spend time with friends with similar interests, and live in a luxurious, amenity-filled home created by a world-class designer. “For a young person who is passionately working full-time, there’s just no way you can fit it all in,” he continues. “So through design, we made that possible.”

The space and interiors were designed by one of Haven’s investors, Charles Infant, a world-renowned production designer whose resume includes music videos for Eminem, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Drake. His primary skill-set is in designing magical spaces—transforming raw materials into imaginative, new worlds. He takes that skill and artfully applies it to interior design. He recently sold a house he designed to Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. 

“We reimagined an apartment complex to be a community that offered (almost) everything you need to live a happy, meaningful life and become your best self,” Katz adds. Apartments are, by design, intended to create separate, distinct private spaces for people to live their own, separate lives. “There is no common culture that exists from one unit to the next,” says Katz. “They’re just units.”

yoga room
Courtesy of Haven Co-Living

Charles helped design Haven with wellness in mind, inspired by the playful, sunny aesthetic of Venice Beach. All elements have intention and serve to positively uplift those who experience them. Design features include open floor plans with communal tables for dining and socializing, lighting and natural lighting selected with the mood of residents in mind (“natural light is a critical component of human health and wellness,” Katz says), indoor-outdoor layouts to create openness, rooftop communal areas (hosting yoga, events, meals, and gatherings) and fire-pits for beautiful summer evenings.

Other amenities include a yoga and meditation studio, a co-working space, an outdoor dining area, a gym sponsored by TRX, a theater with documentary film nights and charming outdoor gathering spaces.

While rent is just $995 per month plus a $300 initiation fee, individuals must first apply on their website to live in the membership-based community. They are asked to answer a series of questions about their passion for health and wellness, what they seek to gain from their time at Haven, and what will they contribute to Haven’s Community.

outdoor seating area
Courtesy of Haven Co-Living

“Our community is the anchor, and we have used everything we know about design to facilitate that community,” explains Katz. “Our homes are laid out in ways that inspire people to connect, pursue their passions, and find joy in where they live. Unlike apartments where each unit is entirely self-contained, at Haven, the common areas are shared. Which means that we have been able to make a much greater investment in them than an apartment complex could.”

Haven will soon be expanding, with houses in the West Hollywood and Echo Park neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 

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