Having A Moment: Dazzle Camo

To those of us who aren't American history buffs, the phrase 'dazzle camouflage' may sound like something ripped from the script of Showgirls. True story: it actually refers to a geometric form of camo credited to artist Norman Wilkinson, and used extensively in World War I to help to protect ships by messing with the enemy's ability to estimate their target's range. Why the impromptu nautical education? This complex pattern of intersecting black-and-white lines has made the leap from the Navy to the world of interiors, where designers such as Maison 21's Christian May are taking up the call. May's bathroom for California Home & Design's Small Space Big Style Showcase (pictured above) features a graphic wallpaper the LA-based decorator developed with Tracy Hiner of custom wallpaper company Black Crow Studios. "I arrived at the trend completely by coincidence," May says. "But since I designed the wallpaper, I've been seeing it everywhere--from the fashions of Marc Jacobs to store windows in London, there is definitely a black-and-white stripy zeitgeist going on!" Like May, we can barely move without bumping into this dynamic theme. Whether it's at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, where earlier this month Spanish porcelain figurine producer LladrĂ³ debuted a special Dazzle collection, or at our favorite virtual haunts: see Kelly Wearstler's Fractured Marble Box, Dering Hall's War Craft Coffee Table, Pfeifer Studio's leather pillow, and Artel's Sequence Bar Glasses. Not enough dazzle for you? Shop our myriad razzle-filled finds below.