Beautiful Mess: Distressed Walls

Whether it's old-world glamour preserved or an applied finish that creates texture, there's something alluring about the passage of time made visible. Take a look at the the elegant looks of the peeling, cracked, and sun-stained rooms above, and for more a more instant refined rawness, shop the distressed wall coverings below. shop-look
09 08 04
Silver Leaf Printed Wallpaper, $63, Designer Wallcoverings Scrapwood Wallpaper, $299, The Future Perfect Concrete Wallpaper, $299, The Future Perfect
05 10 07
Galapagos Wall, from $7, Flavor Paper Stikwood Wall Covering, $300, Anthropologie Distressed Plaster Industrial Loft Wallpaper, $130, Kathy Kuo Home
02 03 06
Brooklyn Tins 08, $490, The Wallpaper Collective Brewster Distressed Rose Print Wallpaper, $52, The Home Depot Vintage Worn Tapestry Rug Wallpaper, $110, Kathy Kuo Home
  Photographs: Visbizfreundevonfreunden, Glen Probstel, Houzz, Lombok, Courtesy of Michael Eastman, Heart Home Magazine, Murray Mitchell, Nuevo Estillo, Wall and Deco via Apartment Therapy, Robert Gervais, Blood and Champagne, Courtesy of Rachel Ashwell, Tracey Interiors