Having a Moment: Drag Military

We're anxiously anticipating the filter-down effect of Thom Browne's recent Paris presentation, in which male models with crimson pouts donned color-blocked military uniforms for a result Style.com dubbed "Joan Crawford goes to West Point." But rather than stake out Topman for signs of frilly socks for him, we decided to take this haute vision for a decorative spin, and broke it down to its most basic (training) elements. dh-having-a-moment-90s-grunge-thumbs-header
domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-05 freepeoplefrenchflag
  • The Inspiration: The collection's patriotic color palette.
  • The Translation: A fantastically swagged vintage red, white, and blue flag. $298, Free People
domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-02 lacquerhexagon
  • The Inspiration: Polarized aviators and ripstop nylon military coats.
  • The Translation: Jonathan Adler's equally shiny lacquer hexagon tray. $175, Jonathan Adler
 domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-01  markandgrahampaperweight
  • The Inspiration: Anchor-embellished naval captain hats and double-breasted jackets.
  • The Translation: A sea-worthy domed glass paperweight. $35, Mark and Graham
 domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-06 domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-07
  • The Inspiration: Ankle-length sleeveless coats with exacting, expansive silhouettes.
  • The Translation: The Panton heart chair, a study in peaked precision. $4115, Hive
 domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-03  brassknob
  • The Inspiration: Brass button detailing on everything.
  • The Translation: Giagni Hardware's brushed antique pulls. $2, Plumbing Depot
 domaine-having-a-moment-thome-browne-thumbs-04 wallpaper
  • The Inspiration: Ruffled tulle ankle socks paired with military boots.
  • The Translation: Jocelyn Warner's ultra-femme dimensional lace wallpaper. $99, Wallpaper Direct
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