Having a Moment: Grunge

Maybe it's the trickle-down effect of Hedi Slimane's combat-boot-and-plaid-tastic F/W 13 Saint Laurent collection. Or maybe it's our unresolved issues over that time Nirvana reunited with Paul McCartney on lead vocals. But lately, the way we feel about grunge is akin to the way Angela Chase felt about Jordan Catalano--we have to have it. So we pillaged our most salient trickle-down pop culture memories of the time, indulged in a sing-along of "Tempted" that would make Winona Ryder and Janeane Garofalo (and their Reality Bites alter egos, Lelaina Pierce and Vickie Miner) proud, YouTubed Eddie Vedder's scenes in Singles, and raided our sources for an updated take on the MTV Unplugged years.




The Inspiration: Johnny and Kate in their matching motorcycle jackets.
The Translation: Search Etsy and eBay for one-of-a-kind pieces like this worn English club chair, which oozes character.



The Inspiration: Jared Leto modeling a lumberjack-goes-high-school-heartthrob button-down.
The Translation: The Lodge Collection Plaid Duvet in a classic buffalo check has a very glamping-at-the-Ace-Hotel vibe. From $200, Eddie Bauer



The Inspiration: The king himself, Kurt Cobain, who was rarely seen without a pair of worn-in jeans.
The Translation: The Recycled Denim Jute Rug breathes new life into the ultimate American fabric. From $39, West Elm



The Inspiration: Drew Barrymore, a pioneer in the field of lace babydoll dresses.
The Translation: This lace-print cotton pillow celebrates the intricacies of the material in a winking, rip-proof way. $64, Zazzle

dh-having-a-moment-90s-grunge-thumbs-05 DITSY FLORALS

The Inspiration: Winona Ryder's floral-dense Reality Bites wardrobe.
The Translation: Punk-grunge icon Vivienne Westwood's Cole & Son Magnolia Print, which averts a potentially saccharine situation. About $100, Fabrics & Papers



The Inspiration: Courtney Love and her ladder-addled black stockings, which practically scream hot mess.
The Translation: Swedish artist Ulrica Hydman-Vallien's Mine Tumbler channels goth in a posh way. $30, Kosta Boda




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