3 Ways Having a Purpose Will Improve Your Life


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Are you someone who prefers to live in the moment or someone who lives life with a greater goal in mind? And if you’re one way, do you wish you were the other? Which way is better for you in the long run? Well, according to a recent study, living your life with a real purpose is good for your sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

The author of that study, Anthony Burrow, who’s an assistant professor in the Department of Human Development at Cornell University, recently sat down with Huffington Post to explain that it doesn’t matter what that purpose is, but rather how committed you are to it. Here are three other ways that living with a purpose will change your life for the better:

You’ll start thinking about people other than yourself. According to research, having a purpose will help you understand the world around you and how your actions affect the lives of others.

People who live with a purpose also tend to be healthier than people who don’t. “You really don’t want your mood to be fluctuating around from moment to moment and experience to experience,” Burrow said. “That can be an indicator of health problems downstream because your system is constantly calibrating and recalibrating to new things.” Having a purpose is a huge stabilizer of the human experience and thus leads to better overall health.

Finally, if you have an ultimate purpose, you’re likely to have a higher income than if you don’t. According to another study by Burrow, which showed that people with a purpose tended to expand their net worth and spend less money than people who live life for the present. Maybe Justin Bieber is onto something after all.

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