9 Chic-to-Death Headboard Ideas We Found on Instagram, and How to Shop Them

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in any home. It's where you begin each day and wind down every night. That's why it's so important to approach the design and decoration of this space with thoughtfulness and care. How do you want to feel when you wake up? What kind of surroundings will help you relax into sleep in the evenings? These are the questions to ask yourself when searching for new bedroom décor.

It also might help to peruse a few interior design blogs or scroll though designer profiles on Instagram to scrounge up a few novel ideas. In fact, we recently did just that and came up with a few statement-making headboard ideas straight from some of our favorite interior design Instagram accounts. Whether you like to keep things simple and refined or your design tastes are a bit more daring, there's a headboard and bedframe combination to suit your style. The right piece can fit into any design style, from bohemian to minimalistic.

Keep scrolling to take a look at nine headboard ideas we stole right from Instagram and shop pieces to get the look for yourself.

Classic Tufted

This chic bedroom was designed by Joyce Downing Pickens of JDP Interiors. It features one of the most classic headboard options around—a channel-tufted piece in a neutral gray shade of fabric. Paired with this modern pendant light, complementary sconces that frame the bed, and a fresh, black, white, and neutral color palette, this space feels relaxing and utterly timeless. Get the look by adding a channel-tufted headboard to a relaxed, neutral bedroom.

West Elm Channel Tufted Headboard
West Elm Queen Channel Tufted Headboard in Dove Gray Velvet $299

Woven Leather

In this more maximalist space, a woven leather headboard contrasts with a bright and cheery floral wallpaper. Pink details are found throughout the room from the walls to the bedding to the nightstand, yet the terra cotta shade of the leather is what catches the eye. This room was designed by Emily Henderson, so it's no surprise that the stunning, textured headboard can be found at Target. The item could work in both a collected space like this bedroom or in a more minimal room as the statement-making piece.

Leather woven headboard
AnthroDesignCo Queen Leather Woven Headboard $420

Color Contrast

Instead of focusing on matching your headboard to the rest of your bedroom's décor, you might consider playing with the idea of contrasting colors. In this room captured by photographer Seth Caplan and featured on the Instagram account of designer Tali Roth, an off-white headboard stands out against a light black wall and draws attention to the white ceiling pendant. Warmer hues found in the bedding further the contrasting theme of the space. Try experimenting with a headboard that will stand out against your current bedroom paint color to achieve a similar look.

Frank Headboard, Natural Stripe Linen
One Kings Lane Queen Frank Headboard, Natural Stripe Linen $395

DIY Illusion

If you're going for a rustic, farmhouse chic design style, take a page from Henderson and utilize furniture that will make guests do a double take. The bedroom features a bed frame with a headboard that looks just like a wooden bench, giving the space a warm, home-crafted feel. The wooden material fabricated in such an interesting yet familiar way makes the room feel charming and quaint, no DIY required.

Thos. Moser Foreside Bed
Thos. Moser Queen Foreside Bed $6,725 - $9,425


Designer Sarah Sherman Samuel never shies away from a true DIY project. Take this bedroom that she shared on her Instagram, for instance. It features a headboard originally purchased from West Elm that Samuel has reupholstered to match her dark green bedding. The double green effect creates a striking look that allows the surrounding décor to stand out. If you're interested in the monochrome look, simply seek out bedding and a headboard in similar colors or take on an upholstery project to ensure your fabrics really match.

West Elm Simple Upholstered Headboard
West Elm Queen 42" Simple Upholstered Headboard in Moss Green Velvet $449

Bohemian Meets Parisian

Although this Instagram comes from Pickens' profile, the bedroom featured can be found at the Hotel Panache in Paris. The interiors of which were designed by Dorothée Meilichzon and each room displays custom iron and cane headboards that manage to combine an effortless Parisian sensibility with an equally breezy bohemian style. Get the look by seeking out a headboard that features a mix of silhouettes in materials like wrought iron, cane, or rattan.

Mistana Patton Rattan Headboard
Mistana Queen Patton Open-Frame Rattan Headboard $600


Posted by Aussie design studio Arent & Pyke, this bedroom features not one but two stunning headboards for a layered effect. It's a combination of a custom-designed suede headboard and a Hermes linen bedhead from South Pacific Fabrics. The finished look is luxe and glamorous while remaining cozy and comfortable. Replicate the design at home by using multiple pieces for a layered approach.

Novak Headboard, Terrazzo Blush
One Kings Lane Queen Novak Headboard, Terrazzo Blush $295

Bold Prints

Although this room features a rather clean and simple white color palette, the headboard and bedframe are far from subtle. In fact, the dynamic print sourced from Rebecca Atwood found on the bed frame not only catches the eye, but it also creates the illusion of movement. It's a marbled stripe fabric in a variety of blue shades that seems to mimic the motion of ocean waves. The result is a calm and almost beachy sanctuary ready to lull you to sleep. Use a bold-patterned print headboard to create interest in an otherwise neutral room.

Rebecca Atwood Marbled Stripe Fabric in Navy
Rebecca Atwood Marbled Stripe Fabric in Navy $170 per yd.

Rustic Textures

Another stunning piece of inspiration from Roth's Instagram, this space features a headboard made from an intricately woven design. The natural material paired with the other neutral tans and browns found in the bedroom makes for a relaxing hideaway. The space also proves that brown and black pieces of furniture and décor can work together. Try the natural look in your room by sourcing a woven headboard. You can also create a similar effect with a rattan, wicker, or a cane piece.

The Citizenry Full/Queen Java Rattan Headboard $465

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