9 Reasons You Can Benefit From Therapy

Here’s a truth bomb: For half of my life (let’s say 17 years), I have regularly visited a psychologist. Once a month, I sit on a couch for an hour and discuss my anxiety, my relationships, and my career with a professional. So what happened to me at such a young age to seek out professional help? The answer: nothing. I had an idyllic childhood, and my parents, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, have always showered me with love and unconditional support. I also have an amazing group of girlfriends who I have known since junior high.

For me, therapy keeps me stable through all the regular ups and downs that are a part of life. Therapy isn’t just for the crazy, depressed, or victimized—it can also help with a particularly involved breakup or a career change. Since therapy has positively affected my life, I’ve never felt ashamed or embarrassed by the fact that I see a psychologist. In fact, I’m the opposite: I openly talk about how therapy has helped me and am constantly encouraging my friends and family members to try it. To wit, here are nine ways therapy can improve your life by making you happier and healthier.

Do you see a therapist? How has it been beneficial to you?