Want to Get Fit? Eat Breakfast Twice a Day

why you should eat breakfast
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Growing up, we've been constantly told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, many of us skip out on this all-important meal, or worse, replace it with copious cups of caffeine. Unfortunately, the meal you kickstart your day with makes a huge impact on the kind of energy you produce that can power you through for the rest of the day. And according to a 2016 study published in Pediatric Obesity, eating breakfast is not only good for you, its so good, that you should be eating it twice a day.

Is It Really Healthy to Eat Two Breakfasts?

According to science, the answer is yes. Researchers from Yale and the University of Connecticut tracked 600 school students over the course of two years and logged their weight, noting how many times they ate breakfast in a day. The study found that kids who were double breakfast eaters (one at home and one at school) were more likely to hit healthy weight goals and their weight changes from year to year were similar to other kids. On the other hand, kids who frequently skipped breakfast altogether were at an increased risk of being overweight or obese. While the study was primarily conducted on kids, it would also make sense for adults as well. Skipping out on breakfast can often lead to over-indulgent lunches, mindless snacking leading up to lunch hour or hangry binges. So it's only logical to assume that a full belly in the morning is the secret to a more mindful approach to healthier meal choices throughout the day.

Make Smart Choices

Of course, eating two breakfasts in a day isn't an excuse to tuck into twice the amount of French toasts, doughnuts or croissants. The study states that the second breakfast in question needs to be a relatively healthy affair. If you start your morning with a carb-rich breakfast such as toast or pancakes, include proteins and fats such as fruits, yogurt, eggs or nut butter for your second breakfast. It's recommended that you pick breakfast options that are rich in protein, whole grain, and healthy fats. Adding in fresh fruits and vegetables not only increase your fiber intake but also gives you vital vitamins and nutrients. Research proves that packing in a high-protein, high-fat breakfast can reduce any unnecessary snacking throughout the day while adding whole grains and fresh produce can lead to a happier gut.

Space It out

If you start your morning with a workout and need a quick meal to fuel your body, make note of the time in between and try spacing your meals out to a minimum of two hours. Grabbing your second breakfast close to lunchtime defeats the purpose of nourishing your body with two breakfasts. The key to eating your breakfast twice is picking options that are good for you and provide a steady blood glucose level to tide you over until lunchtime.

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