Have Your Greens and Eat Them Too With These Yummy Brussels Sprout Recipes

Despite being notoriously bitter, the right healthy brussels sprouts recipes will leave even the pickiest of kids coming back for seconds. In fact, out of all the veggies in the produce aisle, brussels sprouts are arguably the easiest to disguise as comfort food. Even when they're prepared to satisfy a healthy diet, there are so many ingredients, sauces, and extras to dress them up with. This is because they taste delicious with a variety of flavors and have a ton of range texture-wise, thanks to their many layers. 

Beyond taste, brussels sprouts are also a serious powerhouse. They help lower cholesterol, promote bone health, and maintain a healthy digestive system (shout out to fiber). So if you're ready to reap those benefits—from taste to well-being—check out the 11 healthy brussels sprout recipes below.