3 Refreshing Cocktails That Won't Hurt Your Healthy Eating Habit

There are few things better than a cold, crisp cocktail to welcome the warm weather. But when you're committed to a healthy eating habit, alcohol—especially alcoholic cocktails—doesn't often make the cut. However, a new study covered by our sister site Byrdie suggests that drinking moderately may be the healthiest way to go, boasting more heart-health benefits than forgoing that happy hour pour.

On the heels of this good news, we've rounded up three of our favorite healthy cocktails. So for all health-minded individuals who enjoy a drink from time to time, find peace in knowing that a little bit of booze may actually keep the doctor away. Keep scrolling to study up on some refreshing concoctions your body (and taste buds) will thank you for.

Get Lucky Cucumber Mint Cocktail

Tone It Up

Why It's Healthy: Tone It Up's take on the mojito, this drink cuts down on sugar by using vodka instead of rum and infusing it with fresh herbs and the naturally debloating effects of mint.

Hero Ingredient: Crunchy cucumber adds the right touch of flavor to the light, refreshing cocktail.

Serving Tip: Serve in a Moscow Mule mug to keep every sip super cold (and provide a beautiful contrast between copper and green).

A Healthier Sparkling Elderflower Fizz Cocktail

Half Baked Harvest

Why It's Healthy: Get your daily dose of probiotics with this fizzy and delightful drink.

Hero Ingredients: Raspberries give this bright cocktail natural sweetness, and rose water gives the drink a refined, subtle finish.

Serving Tip: Add the rose petals after you've combined the liquids to up the wow factor.

Raspberry Rose Tequila Kombucha

Foodie Crush

Why It's Healthy: This effervescent treat also boasts the health-boosting effects of kombucha in lieu of soda water or champagne.

Hero Ingredient: Fresh berries—blueberries, cherries, and raspberries—serve as a triple threat in this fruity concoction.

Serving Tip: Top it off with fresh raspberries or maraschino cherries as a garnish.

For more delicious cocktails to celebrate spring, check out these recipes for strawberry chamomile Palomas and hibiscus gin sours.

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