3 Sneaky Hacks to Trick Yourself Into Eating Healthier

As the temperature changes, so too does our appetite. While crisp salads and fresh fruit dominated the menu during summer, winter usually requires a heartier feast to satiate our appetite.

The issue? Adding pizza, pasta, pumpkin pie, and red wine to your diet can wreak havoc on your health. To find out how to combat pesky holiday weight gain without passing on comfort food, PureWow went in search of the best tips and tricks. Going beyond the usual advice to simply swap your order, these foodie hacks are actually achievable. Here's how to still order the comfort food you love and minimize the unhealthy effects.

Eat Salad First

If you struggle with willpower and always seem to gravitate toward that second serving of pasta, try this simple nutritionist-approved trick: Load up on salad and resolve to eat the entire plate before starting your entrée. This will ensure you get adequate nutrients first (which comfort food is usually devoid of) and will curb your appetite before you proceed to the next course.

Savor Every Bite

When you crave comfort food, it can take serious self-control to not devour the entire dish in minutes. If you tend to rush, science suggests that simply slowing down to savor each bite could help you eat less. Why? It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize that you're full, so lowering your fork in between bites and practicing mindfulness midmeal will minimize the chance of overeating.

Share With Friends

"When you're craving something unhealthy, you're probably not craving as much of it as you think you are," PureWow suggests. Rather than eating the entire dish and feeling ill afterward, invite friends over to share. Order a few dishes, some healthy, some not, and pass them around to enjoy together.