If You’re Going to Make 1 Diet Change, a Nutritionist Says This Should Be It

Updated 12/22/17

Come the New Year, it's easy to succumb to ambitious—albeit unrealistic—New Year's resolutions, especially when it comes to eating healthy. But as far as registered dietitian and nutritionist Cynthia Sass is concerned, there's only one food-related resolution worth making in 2018.

"In my opinion, the resolution that offers the biggest bang for your buck is simple: Eat five servings of vegetables a day, every single day," she told Health. "In addition to being packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, veggies are low in calories and high in belly-filling fiber. When they displace other foods, you can drastically lower your intake of calories and carbs without sacrificing fullness."

Calories aside, eating more produce can also help protect you against nearly every chronic disease imaginable, improve your gut microbiome, give your skin a healthy glow, lower your BMI, and reduce inflammation in the body. To hit the five servings a day mark, Sass recommends sticking to this simple strategy: one serving at breakfast, two at lunch, and two at dinner. As a rule of thumb, one serving is one cup raw, which is about the size of a baseball.

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