What Happens When Athena Calderone, Daphne Oz, and Eden Grinshpan Cook Together

Is there anything more joy-inducing than the scent of garlic sauteeing in a pan of butter, the scent of freshly cut herbs, the zest of a lemon as its grated over roast vegetables, or the crunch of pomegranate seeds on a fresh salad. We don't think so. In a world where there are 6 billion Google entries for "how to be happy," perhaps the secret to true happiness is right at home in your own kitchen cooking a homemade meal. 

Sure, we get it, the idea of coming home after an 8-hour day (or more) to cook dinner doesn't always spark joy. More often than not you're simultaneously tired and hungry which is a disastrous recipe for eating something quick and unhealthy just to fill the hole. But it's time to reignite our passion for cooking because there is nothing quite like the sense of pride you feel at nailing a new recipe or testing out ingredients you haven't used before. It's in this process of learning and experimentation that magic happens. 

Don't believe me, just ask the founder of EyeSwoon, Athena Calderone; American nutrition author and television host, Daphne Oz; and co-founder and executive chef of DEZ restaurant and founder of Eden Eats, Eden Grinshpan. Individually they are incredibly inspiring, passionate, and effervescent women but put these close friends together (in Calderone's insanely chic kitchen) and it's truly a recipe for passion, love, connection, and joy—and delicious food! 

Lucky for us, they asked us to join in and the result was a very special afternoon cooking Meditteranean-inspired dishes. So, watch the video below, read the interview—where they share their top 3 ingredients—and make the exclusive recipes, (then tag us on social if you make them with #InMyDomaine). Here's to bringing the joy back to cooking at home.