6 Healthy-ish Recipes You'll Want to Eat All Summer Long

There's no denying that we'd rather spend our summer weekends noshing on chicken fingers and lobster rolls, but as we all know, everything is better in moderation, which also applies to carb-loading. In order to feel your best in between glasses of rosé and sessions of carbo-loading, we found the yummiest healthy(ish) recipes to get us through the rest of summer.

Whether you're looking for a wholesome salad to eat on a warm summer night, a soup you'll want to eat all summer long, or a breakfast recipe that doesn't involve French toast, we've got you covered. We turned to our favorite food bloggers for their healthiest, most delicious summer recipes so you can detox your way to Labor Day weekend without sacrificing taste. Ready to kick-start your healthy habits? Look no further than these easy to make recipes below.

And now, three low-carb lunches that are still seriously filling.