10 Healthy Habits to Adopt by December 30

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When left until January 1, the weight of New Year's resolutions can feel like a lot to bare. When you unpack what it really takes to be healthier in 2018, a long list of lifestyle changes often ensues, from switching up your workout routine and walking during your lunch break to drinking less alcohol and cooking at home. So why wait to kick-start those healthy habits?

Instead, Business Insider has charted a long list of small but significant ways to be healthier with little effort. If you resolve to try one every day in the lead-up to 2018, you'll be well on your way to a healthier New Year (without the pang of resolution anxiety). Here are 10 small, easy changes we're making to our routine to be healthier and happier before the year ends. Who's with us?

1. Shop on a full stomach: Research suggests that people who snack before hitting the grocery store buy fewer unhealthy foods.

2. Master a new recipe: Fad diets come and go, but cooking at home is consistently linked to eating healthier and saving money.

3. Drink your coffee black: Ditch creamer, milk, and sugar to curb the calories in your morning brew.

4. Substitute white bread with whole wheat: It's a small swap, but the latter is so much more nutritious.

5. Carry a water bottle: The benefits of boosting your H2O intake abound, from having more energy to glowing, hydrated skin.

6. Park farther from your destination: It's not always possible to walk to your destination, so choose a parking spot a block away instead.

7. Wear sunscreen: Incorporating this one cream into your skincare routine can improve skin quality and help prevent cancer.

8. Download a meditation app: Dedicate a few minutes each day to being present, and notice how different you feel.

9. Read a book: Pick up a book every time you mindlessly scroll through your phone.

10. Catch up with an old friend: A 75-year Harvard study found that close relationships are the key to healthier, happier lives.

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