These 11 Healthy Home Musts Do the Body Good

Your environment has a major impact on your overall health and well-being. From getting the proper night's sleep to eliminating toxins from your air, water, and cleaning supplies, there exist a handful of décor upgrades that once added to your daily routine, promise to transform any home into the healthiest haven on earth. We've narrowed down our list of products to include only the crème de la crème of organic essentials. Just to be sure, we took the liberty of testing each and every one of these magical market selects in our own spaces.

We're thrilled to report back to you on the pure breeds. Handily besting the competition in their respective categories, consider this list the Olympic gold medalists of healthy living. We know you'll want to take them home with you after you hear what they have to offer. Healthier skin, hair, and digestion; better energy; and cleaner living await. And, that's just the elevator pitch.

Did we miss anything? School us on the healthy home upgrades you can't live without in the comments below.