3 Sneaky Ways to Get Yourself to Eat Healthier That Actually Work

Healthy kitchen organization
Tessa Neustadt

If you want to take better care of your body and mind by eating healthier, the kitchen is the best place to start. Stocking your pantry with healthy and delicious snack options is crucial, but never underestimate the power of a well-organized refrigerator. Indeed, if you clean up your fridge, cleaner eating habits will follow. While this task may not sound super exciting, Keri Glassman of Nutritious Life makes it a lot easier and more fun to beautify your kitchen. Find out her top three fridge organization hacks that promote a healthier lifestyle, and then watch the video at the end to see how she does it with her LG InstaView Refrigerator.

Prepare Your Produce Ahead of Time

If you have some time on a Sunday evening, prepare your produce for the week ahead. Veggies like "eggplant, sweet potatoes, onion, peppers, [and] asparagus … can be chopped into large pieces, thrown onto a sheet tray and drizzled with a little olive oil" to roast. Then, pop them "in the fridge to have all week for salad toppers or for a side of protein," she suggests. Having good veggies ready to eat when you're on a busy weeknight makes it so much easier to stay healthy.

When it comes to fruit, you should feel free to store it in the freezer. When fruits are "frozen at peak ripeness," they maintain "high nutritional value," Glassman explains. Another option is cutting up your fruit ahead of time. "You are a lot less likely to cut into that watermelon for a slice mid-week if the whole thing is sitting untouched on your counter," she says. Instead, "get rid of the rind and cut it up into large chunks when you have a spare moment on the weekend, and store in a glass container in the fridge for easy access to enjoy all week!"

Showcase Your Healthy Snacks

Glassman informs us that "the order in which you store things in the fridge is important," so showcase healthy snacks in glass containers at the front. Specifically, you should "start by arranging the nutritious foods on the middle shelves of the fridge, as close to eye level as possible [because] you're going to crave and grab what you see." As you'll see in the video, Glassman shows us that "the easy-to-access Door-in-Door feature of LG's InstaView fridge makes it super easy to grab that bowl of fresh fruit if it's already front and center—especially when you're in a rush."

Beautify Your Water

"When your fridge looks pretty, you are going to be more inspired to eat healthier, and if your water looks pretty, you are going to be inspired to be hydrated," Glassman explains. If you have a pitcher full of spa-status water with "slices of lemon, lime, basil, cucumber, or even watermelon and berries, you're going to be much more apt to pour yourself a glass than if you were to have to turn on the faucet every time you need a glass of water." Like her previous organization tip, the closer to the front your water is, the more likely you'll remember to drink it.

Now watch the full video below to see how Glassman works her magic.

Now that you know how to organize your fridge, read up on how long you can store leftovers and what else to keep in stock at all times. 

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