My Mom Is in the Best Shape of Her Life at 53—Here's What She Eats in a Day


Courtesy of Patty Joy

My mom is in her early 50s and can still outrun me any day of the week. As long as I can remember, she's been waking up at the crack of dawn for early morning workouts, eating small and (mostly) plant-based meals throughout the day, and getting lost in a big belly laugh daily—all lifestyle habits that I'm convinced are her secrets to getting older without looking or feeling like she's aged a bit.

I'm not alone in thinking that these healthy habits contribute to my mom's ageless looks and high energy. "Eating well and staying active are more important after 50 than any other time," certified holistic health coach and founder/CEO of Shore Magic Joy Harari confirms. She also explains that a thriving social life and practicing mindful exercises like meditation and self-care are factors in healthy living over 50. 

The most interesting thing about my mom's lifestyle habits is the way she's adapted them all quite intuitively. She works out in ways that make her feel good and energized, rather than with a specific weight loss goal in mind. Her food choices are also rooted in what works best for her body, not in any kind of fad diet or meal plan. And as for her social life, she's always had a young soul that attracts other positive, happy people. "Yes, I’m 53, but I feel like I’m in my 30s physically and, at times, mentally in my 20s," my mom, Patty Joy, shares. Here's how she does it.