This Is Exactly What to Eat in 24 Hours to Get (and Stay) in Shape

There are few things more empowering than feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. And for better or for worse, summertime (and all of the exposed skin that comes along with it) has many people thinking about ways to feel their absolute best.

If adopting a healthier, more balanced diet is at the top of your list, consider Charles Chen's daily meal plan. Chen is a chef and wellness entrepreneur who, at the age of just 15, struggled with diabetes and other health complications due to unhealthy eating habits. Today, he's devoted his career to helping others change their relationship with food and developing healthy, balanced meal plans for people to follow. 

"My approach to health is not just about what we consume but the state of mind we are in when we eat," he writes for Mindbodygreen. "I support advocating for a healthy relationship with food, no longer shaming our bodies, and not feeling guilty when we eat so-called bad foods." Below, read up on what Chen eats in a typical day to nourish his body and maintain a healthy relationship with food.


In addition to meditation and journaling, Chen opts for a cacao smoothie with goji berries and spinach to "support mental focus and alertness," he explains. He rounds out his morning with some avocado toast on sprouted Ezekiel bread topped with hummus for extra protein. Before his morning workout, he orders a shot of wheatgrass at the juice bar for an added boost of energy.


Chen typically opts for some kind of quick and easy salad. "I love adding quinoa as it is super versatile and packed with plant-based protein; as for my veggies, I try to switch it up based on seasons so my body doesn't become used to it," he notes. This time of year, it's lotus root vegetable, avocado, cauliflower, and watermelon radish. Hard-boiled eggs or grass-fed meats are typical add-ons for days that require more protein.


On this particular day, Chen heads over to a local burger joint to split the best dishes on the menu with a friend. "If I'm going to a restaurant, I want to experience the food through the chef's lens," he adds. Tonight, it's a grass-fed, marinated, panko-crusted chicken burger with purple potato chips and spicy ahi tuna served with tortilla chips. "Life is about enjoying ourselves and finding that perfect balance without ever depriving ourselves."

Head over to Mindbodygreen for Chen's go-to dessert, and share your thoughts on his approach to healthy eating in the comments!