This Is Exactly What Dietitians Order at Happy Hour (With Zero Guilt)

We know that alcohol isn't exactly healthy, but if you can't fathom completely eliminating wine and spirits from your diet, there are some ways to make better decisions at the bar. After all, not all alcoholic drinks are created equal. As MindBodyGreen points out, some mixers are laden with syrupy sweeteners and calories—and they're not necessarily the ones you'd expect.

"Drinks on the lower-calorie, lower-sugar end include sparkling wine or Champagne," says Jessica Cording, RD, founder of Jessica Cording Nutrition. Thrillist notes that pinot gris is the best low-calorie white wine of choice while sparkling wines labeled "extra brut" don't contain added sugar.

Still prefer spirits? While hard liquor tends to contain more calories, ordering it neat or on the rocks will limit the sugar content. Try "whiskey, neat or rocks (bourbon is my personal favorite); and gin, vodka, or tequila and club soda with lime," says Cording.

If you must have a mixer, she cautions against juice and soda. "If you're not drinking your alcohol on the rocks, be sure to avoid sugary and high-calorie mixers like juices or syrupy sweeteners and opt for the seltzer water with lime," she says. Seemingly healthy mixers such as orange or cranberry juice are often made from concentrate and can rival the sugar content in sodas.

What's your go-to drink order when you're trying to be healthy?