7 Light, Healthy Potato Salads That Still Taste Like Summer

When I was little, my parents used to call me "The Potato Queen" because I literally loved the root vegetable any which way: mashed, fried, twice baked—you get the point. And while baked or roasted potatoes in and of themselves aren't all so bad for you, when you top them with loads of mayonnaise and serve them potato salad–style, let's just say the nutritional factor decreases, and the calorie factor increases. But this is one of the quintessential summer salads since it's tasty, quite literally goes with everything, and can easily serve a crowd. So there has to be some way to still get our fill.

And there is: With a few swaps like a cashew-based mayo, half the number of potatoes, or mixing in grains and greens, potato salad becomes guilt-free. (Plus, some of these recipes are dairy-free, so your vegan and lactose intolerant friends will love you, too).

Keep reading to see some of our favorite healthy potato salads just in time for you to serve them at your next summer soirée—your guests will be so pleased you did.