Inside a Victoria's Secret Model's Daily Health Routine

victoria's secret model
Courtesy of Britt Maren

By day, you’ll usually find Sweden-born, Texan-bred model Britt Maren in front of the lens for the likes of Victoria’s Secret or Harper’s Bazaar, but when the studio lights switch off, she gets to do what she loves most: cook. It’s a shared passion of Maren and her chef husband, Derek Orrell, who often opt to spend hours whipping up culinary creations in their Brooklyn home rather than ordering in.

Meet the Expert

Britt Maren is a Swedish-born model who also has a cooking series on her website, Cooking With Britt.

Maren’s mantra when it comes to food and life is refreshingly normal: everything in moderation. And while she insists “dessert is never a question—it always has to happen,” the model balances her day with a barre class, healthy snacks, and rituals to combat stress. Maren invited us to glimpse a day in the life of a top model and reveals the morning and nightly routines she swears by to stay balanced.

model Britt Maren exercising and a plate of breakfast
Courtesy of Britt Maren

First Thing

Maren kicks off her day with a healthy habit that fellow celebrities Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by. “I feed the dog [puggle Zeus] and sometimes drink hot water with fresh lemon juice.” It’s believed that starting your day with lemon-infused water aids digestion and boosts the immune system.


Maren prioritizes exercise first thing. “I love Pure Barre! It’s such an amazing workout. [It’s] high intensity but low impact, with lots of small isometric movements—great for building long, lean muscles. I’ve gotten so much more flexible since I started.”


Today, Maren is working on a fashion photoshoot and has breakfast at the studio. “Lucky for me, my husband’s company did the food, so I already knew I would love it. I had some veggie and herb egg white frittata, avocado toast, and fresh fruit (juicy peaches!)” she says. Add to that a couple of almond milk cappuccinos and she’s ready to charge through the day ahead.

model Britt Maren eating lunch and showing lunch plate
Courtesy of Britt Maren


Maren regularly documents her top New York foodie spots on her website and visits a favorite for lunch. “I met a friend at Two Hands Cafe [in SoHo] for lunch and ordered the Good Morning Salad. It looks kind of plain and simple, but there’s a lot going on under there—market vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, goji berries, dates, chickpeas, spinach, cumin yogurt, and fried egg.”


On chaotic days, Maren prioritizes time to destress. “I get stressed pretty easily as I overthink and over-analyze everything,” she says. “When that happens, I try to step back and take one thing at a time or prioritize what’s really most important. I’m super organized and love planning, so that helps keep things from getting too chaotic.”


When cravings hit, she reaches for a healthy snack. “I kinda wanted a bit more (and something cold—it’s so hot and humid in New York), so I popped into Greecologies for their matcha, coconut, and bergamot smoothie. Later in the afternoon, I had a kombucha. My husband and I are kind of obsessed right now and even started making our own! Another go-to is hummus with carrots and snap pea crisps! I eat a ton of hummus.”

model Britt Maren drinking wine and flatbread pizza
Courtesy of Britt Maren


“[It’s] homemade-pizza night! My husband makes really delicious pizza crust and bakes bread,” she says. The duo top each pizza with fresh, local produce from GrowNYC, a greenmarket nonprofit that Maren is passionate about. “I used these ‘ugly greens’ by Gotham Greens, which would typically be discarded, and mixed them with other greenmarket produce for a salad to go along with the pizzas.”


“Dessert is never a question for me—it always has to happen, and my freezer is stocked with baked goods,” says Maren. “Often I’ll make something healthier at home, like banana soft serve with almond butter and chocolate chunks.” Tonight, the pair stop by Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. in Brooklyn. “The former pastry chef at [New York restaurant] WD~50 is behind it, so the flavors are super unique and delicious. I love their carrot cake cream cheese —carrot cake is my fave dessert of all time!”


At the end of her day, Maren swears by a wind-down ritual to calm her mind and get ready for bed. “Social media, emails, and all other apps have really taken over our lives lately, so I try to put those away and read a book before bed. Recent ones I’ve enjoyed are Sweetbitter, The Girls, The Last Love Song, and The Third Plate.”

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