Inside a Victoria's Secret Model's Daily Health Routine


Courtesy of Britt Maren

By day, you’ll usually find Sweden-born, Texan-bred model Britt Maren in front of the lens for the likes of Victoria’s Secret or Harper’s Bazaar, but when the studio lights switch off, she gets to do what she loves most: cook. It’s a shared passion of Maren and her chef husband, Derek Orrell, who often opt to spend hours whipping up culinary creations in their Brooklyn home for her website series, Cooking With Britt, rather than ordering in.

Maren’s mantra when it comes to food and life is refreshingly normal: everything in moderation. And while she insists “dessert is never a question—it always has to happen,” the model balances her day with a barre class, healthy snacks, and rituals to combat stress. Here, Maren invites us to glimpse a day in the life of a top model and reveals the morning and nightly routines she swears by to stay balanced.