3 Healthy Seafood Recipes That Taste as Good as They Look

Seafood lovers can all agree that the catch of the day never fails to make for the perfect dish. If fresh sea bass ceviche, succulent scallops, or baked crab have you salivating, we've found your new favorite book. Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw just released a new cookbook that's a treasure trove of delicious dishes straight from the sea. Everyday Seafood covers everything from small bites and appetizers to seafood feasts. Baked, broiled, or barbecued, each dish in his cookbook teases the palate and can be cooked quickly and simply at home.

Calling seafood "the best convenience food ever," Outlaw delivers the perfect guide for the adventurous cook and proves that seafood doesn't have to be tricky. Though it was almost impossible to choose, we've pulled four of our favorite dishes that highlight Outlaw's simple and healthful approach to cooking seafood and promise to please.

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