Why Smoothie Bowls Should Be Your New Breakfast of Choice

When it comes down to it, smoothies are some of our favorite go-to breakfasts in the summer. Why? Well, sometimes it's so unbearably humid that the idea of eating warm food can be nauseating. Although, sometimes drinking your first meal of the day doesn't seem quite right either, which is where healthy smoothie bowls come in. So what are they? If you're not well acquainted, smoothie bowls are crafted from fruit, yogurt, and milk, and then they're layered with a beautiful assortment of toppings—ranging from melon balls to granola, nuts, and even coconut chips.

The major difference between a smoothie and a smoothie bowl is that you eat the latter with a spoon, and it has the additional extras that you find on a delicious serving of froyo. The only thing to note is this version isn't as travel-friendly as a smoothie, so make sure you have time to enjoy it before you leave for the day (which isn't a bad thing). Learn how to make a few of our favorite healthy smoothie bowls below, and don't worry, each one is completely Instagram-worthy. Take your pic(k).


healthy smoothie bowls
Mitzy At Home

The Hero Ingredient: Frozen bananas give this healthy smoothie bowl a frosty texture that makes it seem more like a dessert than breakfast. We can get on board with that.

The Recipe: Frozen bananas, coconut water, vanilla yogurt, and açaí powder are blended until smooth. Throw on sweet berries, coconut chips, and some melon balls.

The Clincher: Add a few scoops of peach sorbet on top for serious sweetness.


healthy smoothie bowls
Half Baked Harvest

The Hero Ingredient: Buckwheat toasted in the oven with seeds, coconut, and honey adds the perfect amount of crunch to the smooth açaí smoothie.

The Recipe: Açaí powder, coconut milk, your favorite berries, cherries, pineapple, mango, and dates are blended in a food processor. Top with slices of mango, more berries, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, and a cherry on top.

The Clincher: Serve this delicious healthy smoothie bowl in a hollowed-out coconut. How's that for presentation?


summer food
Fed & Fit

The Hero Ingredient: Mango has just the right flavor and consistency to serve as a smoothie bowl base (frozen fruit is the way to go here).

The Recipe: Blend frozen mango cubes, orange juice, water, coconut cream, and some cardamom until it's no longer chunky. Finish this smoothie bowl with mango slices and ground cardamom.

The Clincher: If you have a few extra minutes, toast some unsweetened coconut in the oven for one last garnish.

Have you ever had a smoothie bowl? If so, what toppings did you like best?

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