How to Snack, Eat, and Repeat Without the Guilt

We’re all clocking up overtime at work and skimping on sleep, but the long-term forecast is dire for our health. When we’re stressed out and tired, we find it harder to resist snacks, and most of the time they’re high in fats or sugar. While we can’t make you leave work earlier or tuck you into bed at a reasonable hour, we can provide you with healthy snack ideas to fuel your body and nourish your brain with the sustenance it needs to make it through each day.

To do this, we tapped Danny Seo, America’s leading green lifestyle guru and founder/editor in chief of Naturally, Danny Seo. Despite spending a lot of time in the kitchen, Seo admits he doesn’t love to cook, but he does love eating really delicious food. He also understands our busy lives (he has one too) and recognizes that healthy needs to be easy. Ahead, Seo shares his tips, supplements, and recipes for nutritious snacking on the go.