These Healthy Snacks for Kids Are Picky Eater–Approved

It's no secret that most kids are notoriously picky eaters, whether it's because their palates are still developing and they're more sensitive to flavors, or because they simply have an independent streak. This presents some unique challenges, like how to get through snack time tantrum-free while also helping them meet their nutritional needs. Luckily there are a few recipes and grocery store items that make it a lot easier to create healthy snacks for kids that will power them through the day and that they'll enjoy. We chose six kid-friendly recipes that pack in the essential vitamins and minerals, plus six store-bought snack options for busy days when homemade bites just aren't going to happen. So click through the six recipes and six healthy packaged snacks for kids below to save the day (or at least snack time).

Healthy Snacks for Kids
Hola Jalapeño

Nothing disguises a vegetable (aka, the mean green enemy) like a tasty dip. If you want to make a snack you'll enjoy while getting your child used to more mature flavors, this harrisa goat cheese dip from Hola Jalapeño will make a fabulous addition to your spread.

Healthy smoothie recipes
Salt and Wind

This strawberry cinnamon cardamom lassi from Salt and Wind will taste like a midday dessert, but it doesn't have any refined sugars. It's frothy, delicious, and full of tasty spices that intrigue without intimidating someone with an inkling for blander flavors. Plus, it only takes five minutes to make.

Food Faith Fitness

These little pizza bites from Food Faith Fitness are so much healthier than the prepackaged frozen alternatives and they only require five ingredients, making them super easy to whip up. Opt for whole wheat crackers, some Roma tomatoes, fresh basil, and a tiny swash of creamy cheese spread on top.

Healthy dessert recipes
Half Baked Harvest

These healthy buckeyes from Half Baked Harvest are so incredibly delicious that you'll probably want to indulge in the whole batch before the kids can get their hands on them. Though they aren't as healthy as a bowl of veggies, they're made with top-notch ingredients that make them a far healthier option than processed treats, and they also deliver a ton of energizing protein, thanks to the peanut butter.

easy recipes for kids
Root and Revel

When it comes to getting creative with items you already have in the pantry, these three ideas from Root and Revel hit the jackpot. The hero ingredient? Rice cakes. Depending on what the kids are in the mood for, top your rice cake with avocado and nori, artichoke and bell pepper spread with salami and olives, or vanilla and cinnamon butternut squash cubes.

healthy granola bars
The First Mess

Banana bread meets granola bar in this homemade masterpiece from The First Mess. It calls for bananas to sweeten and bind the other ingredients like nuts and seeds, plus a pinch of cinnamon and dark chocolate drizzle.

Healthy Snack Ideas

Whole Foods Market Original Hummus ($2)

Like we previously mentioned, dips are a great way to disguise carrot sticks, celery, broccoli, and other veggies if your kids won't eat them. And you can easily pick some up from the market when you don't have the time or energy to make it from scratch. Chickpeas are also a great source of vitamin B6 and iron.

Healthy snack ideas

Kashi 7 Grain Waffles ($3)

Whole grain waffles are also a great base that provides endless snack options from savory to sweet. Add some organic ham and a light layer of reduced-fat cream cheese, top them with fresh fruit, or turn them into a PB&J.

Quinn's Popcorn Butter & Sea Salt ($3)

When the kids are craving something savory for a snack like popped corn, one of the best microwavable options is Quinn Popcorn. The bags are organic and aren't coated with creepy chemicals and hydrogenated oils. Plus, it'll be ready in about three minutes.

Chobani Greek Yogurt Vanilla Blended ($4)

Greek yogurt is a great way enjoy a rich, creamy, and sweet treat that also delivers calcium to support bone health and growth. Add some granola on top or let the kids enjoy as is.


Wonderful No Shells Pistachios ($20)

With vitamin K, potassium, protein, fiber, and fewer calories than most nuts, pistachios are a great snacking option. They also tend to have a milder flavor than other nuts.

365 Whole Kids Organic Raisins ($3)

There's nothing easier to pack for lunchtime snack than a box of raisins. This golden version is tasty and full of B vitamins, iron, and potassium.

Do you have any healthy snack ideas for kids? Share them with us in the comment section.

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