16 Healthy Soup Recipes to Batch-Make When You're Too Busy to Cook

With mounting deadlines, and added family or social responsibilities, it can be hard to find the time to cook hearty, delicious meals. If you're trying to stay healthy despite a lack of time, consider batch-cooking a flavorful pot of soup. Almost any recipe will do—just double the ingredients and let it simmer while you kick back with a glass of wine on Sunday night.

Ahead, we went in search of the best healthy soup recipes that prove you don't have to compromise on flavor. They're surprisingly varied, too. From one-pot vegan minestrone and black bean chili to slow-cooked butternut squash soup and winter vegetable chowder, there's enough variation to last you till spring.

Clear some space in your freezer—these are the best soups to batch-make when you're too busy to cook.