These Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes Have Us Counting Down to Fall

While we have nothing against pumpkin spice per se, there is more to fall flavors than that signature Starbucks drink. One of the ingredients we look forward to cooking with when temperatures start to drop: sweet potato. It's just hearty enough, and it's the perfect respite from squash and gourds.

We recently learned that being able to use an ingredient in multiple ways over the course of one week was the secret to meal prepping successfully, so we decided to put this to the test with our star ingredient: How many recipes could you potentially make in a week with a bag of sweet potatoes? As it turns out, many. From immune-boosting breakfast smoothies to vegetable soups and salmon burger lettuce wraps with sweet potato straws, these are our favorite healthy sweet potato recipes to make at any time of day.

Buy this vegetable in bulk this week—you'll love each of these yummy meals.

And now, the unexpected sweet potato recipe nutritionists love.