These Workweek Meal Ideas Make Lunch Hour a Cinch (and Are Way Healthier)

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day and dinner is what brings people together, where does that leave lunch? Research has proven that our brains are only capable of focusing for 90 to 120 minutes before needing a little break to reboot, so we're going to shine the spotlight on that midday meal for a second. While brunch may cut it on a Saturday and Sunday, healthy work lunches are essential during the workweek to not only fuel us through the afternoon workload but also give us the opportunity to simply relax and enjoy some good food away from our screens.

The easiest way to ensure proper nutrition (and save some extra cash) is packing your own meal, so we decided to come up with 10 healthy work lunches that are simple to prepare and taste delicious for both vegetarians and meat lovers. We promise they'll help you start and end on a good note, Monday through Friday. Scroll through our roundup of 10 meal ideas to plan your own lunch menu for a week full of delicious eating and a worthwhile break during your day.