Dieting Has Never Tasted Better—9 Heart-Healthy Recipes to Try Stat

Making lifestyle changes to accommodate health concerns can be tough, but with guidance, it's less daunting. That's why we asked Abigail Kinnear, an RDN based in New York City, how to stick to a heart-healthy diet without compromising on taste. She explained that "fish is a great source of protein that has less saturated fat" than red meats, while Greek and nonfat yogurts are great for breakfast since they have less "saturated fat and the added bonus of protein." It's also important to incorporate "omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease fat in your blood, slow the rate of plaque buildup in your arteries, and lower blood pressure."

So we rounded up nine satisfying heart-healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner accordingly for you to click through below.

Root and Revel

Just because you aren't devouring a stack of buttery, syrupy pancakes doesn't mean you can't have a breakfast you'll thoroughly enjoy. This shakshuka recipe from Root and Revel brings your eggs to the next level with a flavorful tomato sauce.

vanilla bean millet porridge
The First Mess

If you prefer sweets first thing in the morning, you should try this tasty and heart-healthy recipe for a vanilla bean millet porridge brought to us by The First Mess. It's topped with sweet strawberries and several types of super seeds for an energetic start to your day.

yogurt parfait
Mitzy at Home

As per Kinnear's suggestion, we made sure to include a yummy parfait that calls for Greek or nonfat yogurts. Just make sure your granola isn't packed with refined sugars. This version from Mitzy at Home features a bright and healthful fruit medley. 

veggie quinoa bowl
Half Baked Harvest

This veggie quinoa bowl from Half Baked Harvest is the ideal thing to bring to work for a midday break. Now you can look forward to lunch. It contains plenty of protein and fiber, thanks to the gluten-free quinoa, plus omega-3 fatty acids from the avocado.

whole wheat tacos
Salt and Wind

If you're looking for something a little more satisfying than a salad for lunch, follow this Salt and Wind recipe that lets you wrap up your greens in a whole wheat taco. You can still reap the benefits of heart-healthy foods while feeling satisfied.

fish fillet with zesty lime sauce
Food Faith Fitness

When you want something more filling and warm for lunch, opt for this Food Faith Fitness fish fillet with zesty lime sauce and avocado slices (hello, omega-3s) sitting atop a bed of cauliflower rice, which will give you the same satisfaction you'd get from regular rice with fewer negative consequences.

salmon with garlic broccoli
Half Baked Harvest

When it comes to heart-healthy foods, salmon is probably the tastiest and most satisfying. This Sicilian recipe with garlic broccoli from Half Baked Harvest looks particularly delicious.

Thai peanut curry
Hello Glow

If you're on the lookout for something comforting that won't break your heart-healthy diet, opt for this slow cooker Thai peanut curry recipe created by Hello Glow. It's filling, flavorful, and protein-packed, thanks to the peanuts.

herb orange roasted turkey breast
Salt and Wind

Here's another great main course from Salt and Wind that hits the spot no matter what you pair it with, and turkey is much leaner than red meats. This recipe is a bit more elaborate and involved, but if you're cooking for a special occasion or have extra time, it's definitely worth making.

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