Dieting Has Never Tasted Better—9 Heart-Healthy Recipes to Try Stat

Making lifestyle changes to accommodate health concerns can be tough, but with guidance, it's less daunting. That's why we asked Abigail Kinnear, an RDN based in New York City, how to stick to a heart-healthy diet without compromising on taste. She explained that "fish is a great source of protein that has less saturated fat" than red meats, while Greek and nonfat yogurts are great for breakfast since they have less "saturated fat and the added bonus of protein." It's also important to incorporate "omega-3 fatty acids, which decrease fat in your blood, slow the rate of plaque buildup in your arteries, and lower blood pressure."

So we rounded up nine satisfying heart-healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner accordingly for you to click through below.