10 Hebrew Baby Names You're Guaranteed to Fall For

hebrew baby names
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Are you familiar with the phrase everything old is new again? Well, it’s right on point this year, as Hebrew baby names are seeing a surge in popularity once again (especially for boys). You see, many of these historic names became less prevalent in recent years, as modern monikers came en vogue—remember the Jagger craze?—but they’re back, and they’re as adorable as ever. What’s more is that they happen to be packed with meaning, which is worth considering when you’re bestowing a title upon your little one, among other things, of course. There’s just something about passing down history that’s especially appealing in the baby naming process. It’s a good way to follow tradition when you don’t want to name your baby after a family member. Below find 10 of the cutest Hebrew baby names we’re coveting at the moment. Scroll through, and then take your pick (or picks).


This pretty name was number four on the list of most popular titles for girls in 2016. The moniker translates to “life” in Hebrew and just so happens to be the name Reese Witherspoon gave to her daughter (which no doubt is one of the reasons it has increased in popularity).


This girls name with Hebrew origins means “night.” We’re in love with the way it sounds, plus it’s short and sweet, so no nickname is necessary. (Kate Moss must agree since she gave her daughter the title.)


We know Pretty Little Liars fans are used to this name since it was given to Lucy Hale’s love interest (read: former teacher) on the show. But long before Ezra Fitz, it appeared in the Bible. It’s now a go-to name for parents who want something unique with traditional ties.


Different but super cute? We think so. The name Eliana translates to “my God has answered” and is a favorite around the world (it’s currently in the top 100 in the States). It can also be shortened to “Eli,” which we also like.


This Old Testament title has jumped more than 100 spots on the list of top boys names in the U.S. (if you don’t know, Asher was one of Jacob’s 12 sons). The Hebrew name translates to “fortunate, blessed, happy one,” and it can be shortened to just “Ash.” Adorable? Pretty much. 


Not to be confused with Angelina Jolie’s daughter’s name, Zahara, the Hebrew name Zara translates to both “princess” and “to blossom.” The name instantly moved up the charts when Princess Anne of England bestowed it upon her daughter. 


This strong, solid name translates to “joined, attached” and got its start as the name of another one of Jacob’s sons in the Bible. It’s more recently associated with blue jeans and has climbed the ranks to number 42 on the list of baby boy names. Bonus points that Matthew McConaughey and Sheryl Crow both have sons with the charming name.


This gorgeous name means “life” and is pronounced EE-vee. It’s often used as a nickname for Evelyn and Evangeline, but we think it’s a solid title on its own. The sweet moniker has been in or close to the top 10 for years now, but it’s still increasing in popularity in the States. 


Thanks to the Beatles hit song “Hey Jude” and actor Jude Law, this Biblical-inspired name has made a major comeback. We’re digging that the moniker meaning “praised” can also be a girl’s name (it was given to Martha Stewart’s granddaughter). Just last year, a reported 2500 babies were given the name. 


Caleb is slowly but surely catching up to Noah and Jacob as a top Biblical name (the original Caleb was an Israelite who journeyed to find the promised land). The title means “devotion to God,” and it was in the top 50 of popular boy names last year. Also of note: Actress Julianne Moore gave the moniker to her son. 

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