Inside a Feminine, Eclectic Office in San Francisco

A park and former military base on the northern tip of San Francisco, the Presidio is one of the most unique neighborhoods in the city. With lots of green space (a yard! driveways!) and cultural centers, it is an enigma. I can only imagine that an office there (rather than in the bustling downtown area) would be an oasis of calm—such a great place to spend your weekdays. Needless to say, this office designed by interior designer Heidi Caillier is a dream workspace: Not only is it in the Presidio, but it's also incredibly welcoming, homey, and feminine, with gorgeous bright windows. I'd take this over a skyscraper any day.

Scroll on for a tour.

Check out Heidi Caillier's portfolio to see more of this lovely space!

Where would you rather work: a glass office in the sky or a welcoming space in the park?