Surefire Tricks to Helping Your Kids Reach Their 2016 Goals

I know, I know, if you have to hear about New Year’s resolutions one more time this year, you may just pull your hair out (and then you’ll need to make a resolution to stop pulling out your hair). But have you ever thought about helping your kids make their own goals for the next year? With the tactics mentioned in this recent article published on, goal setting and follow-through become easy as pie. Read through some of the article’s suggestions below adapted for parents:

  1. Pick something that’s important to your child. Is it school-related, sport-related, or behavior-related? Ask your kid what is important to him or her and go from there.
  2. Make their resolutions specific. The more detailed you are, the better. If the resolution is about improving in school, define what success is: Is it achieving higher grades on math tests, reading more proficiently, or completing homework more efficiently? 
  3. Make a plan—and then stick to it. If your son or daughter has a busy extracurricular schedule, make sure you account for that. A plan only works if you are able to follow it.
  4. Have them write their goals down somewhere they'll see it every day. A physical display of their goals will keep it on their (and your) mind. You can even turn it into an arts and crafts project to make it seem like more fun.
  5. Have them tell their goals to others (including you!). They’ll get the support they need as well as be held accountable for their actions at the same time.
  6. Make sure they congratulate themselves on their progress. Of course your child may slip up a bit, but you should encourage him or her to be proud of whatever improvements are made.


To read the full article about kids’ New Year’s resolutions, go to

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Do you set New Year’s resolutions with your kids? What approach do you take? Let us know in the comments below!