Herringbone Pattern Floors That Will Upgrade Any Room

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Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Herringbone pattern floors create a timeless look that fits into almost any style of home décor. If you're interested in renovating the flooring in your home, interior designer Anne Hepfer suggests starting by considering color and budget. Once you know what you're looking for, bring home a variety of samples to test out before making any decisions.

Meet the Expert

Anne Hepfer of Anne Hepfer Designs, Inc. is a Toronto-based interior designer who works with clients to create functional plans with exact proportion and scale to craft customized and effortlessly chic spaces.

After selecting a color and type of wood that's in your price range, scaling is the final factor—and the source of one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when installing herringbone pattern floors, according to Hepfer. If you follow these guidelines, you'll be on your way to having the flooring of your dreams.

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Mix Traditional and Modern

a kitchen with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Space Exploration

All-white cabinets, counters, and ceilings contrast beautifully with this medium-brown herringbone pattern floor. It adds a traditional component to the otherwise modern kitchen and gives the space a new dynamic that strays from the all-white look.

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Choose One or Two Rooms

a kitchen with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Fantastic Frank

For a cohesive look, allow patterned floors to sprawl from one room to the next. Here, herringbone floors smoothly transition from the kitchen to the sitting room and through the hallway. While the continuous look works here, Hepfer warns against overusing the design feature. "I would suggest choosing one or two rooms for herringbone pattern floors and not to put herringbone everywhere," Hepfer says.

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Mix Woods

a dining room with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Studio Ashby

This dining table sits above a deep-brown herringbone pattern floor. We love the way the different shades of wood, from the floor to the chairs to the table, work together to add contrast in a cohesive way. Plus, the dark brown allows your eyes to travel upward to the hanging art fixtures above the table.

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Try a Patterned Rug

an entryway with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Just because a patterned floor makes a statement doesn't mean you can't use a bright rug to enhance the space, too. This light, wooden floor peeks out around the orange patterned rug to break up the flooring that travels from the entryway into the next room.

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Use Knot-Free Wood

a bedroom with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Liljencrantz Design

Don't be afraid to mix multiple wooden elements in the same space. This slick, light herringbone pattern floor works nicely with the deeper brown found in the modern dresser. Hepfer recommends using a knot-free wood like this for a seamless, clean look.

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Let in Natural Light

a dining room with a herringbone floor
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Stunning floor-to-ceiling windows invite light and nature into this contemporary kitchen. The light reflects off clean, tan herringbone pattern floors, giving the cottage-like space a bright, inviting look. It's the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while the sun shines through the windows.

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Keep it Subtle

a living room with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Fantastic Frank

In this living room, complimentary neutral colors almost hide the subtle herringbone pattern floors. We love the way the rug is similar in color to the flooring for a layered, comfortable look that's subdued, but chic.

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Contrast Colors

a kitchen with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

This fresh, clean kitchen sports a light-colored wooden floor that contrasts with the deeper wood found on the barstools and island countertop. The two wooden elements work together to offset the white cabinetry and subway tile backsplash.

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Pair With Eclectic Décor

a living room with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Fantastic Frank

This chic living room is full of quirky décor, from the winking pillowcase to the black-and-white gallery wall situated above the couch. The herringbone pattern floors take a back seat to the rest of the décor, proving that the look won't overpower less traditional designs. "Herringbone pattern floors will work in traditional, transitional, or contemporary spaces. It's also a nice feature if you are renovating an old house with traditional architectural details—it marries the old with the new," says Hepfer.

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Go Less Traditional

a kitchen with a herringbone pattern wood floor
Space Exploration

This modern kitchen presents herringbone pattern flooring with a mix of colors that creates a dynamic effect. It almost appears as if the floors are fluid and moving throughout the space. Experiment with this style in your own home or stick with a look that's more traditional. Either way, it's safe to say herringbone pattern floors are a timeless feature that can truly work in any space. Find a variety of samples and see how the look fares in your home.