4 Surprising Foods and Drinks With Hidden Sugars

If you've finally decided to bite the bullet and commit to cutting sugar from your diet, you need to think beyond the usual suspects like pastries, packaged snacks, and sweet cocktails. Even when we think we've eliminated the health-sabotaging sweetener from our diets, it stealthily rears its ugly head in a plethora of unexpected places. Body and Soul recently rounded up the top offenders—the seemingly innocuous foods and drinks that are upping your sugar intake without you even realizing. We've highlighted four of most common below.

Coffee: Unless you're taking your coffee black, you're kicking off your day with a hefty dose of sugar. Even if you're not adding an extra sweetener to your pour, milk contains the sugar lactose. So if you're taking your coffee with anything from skim milk to cream, or enjoying a latte or cappuccino, you could be adding as much as 20 grams of sugar to your morning.

Juices: As much as we love juicing for all the nutrients and flavor it packs into a single drink, for almost every ingredient you add, you're also adding sugar. Body and Soul advises keeping your sugar levels low by adding at most one fruit to a vegetable mix and steering clear of extra syrups and powders.

Sauces: Condiments may seem inconspicuous when it comes to the spectrum of healthy eating, but they can be at fault for significant amounts of extra sugar. Passing on sauces, using herbs and spices to flavor food instead, or swapping sweet chili sauce for regular chili sauce can help reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

Salad dressing: In theory, salads can be a great source of nutrients, but what we add to them often negates their healthfulness. Topping off your salad with a dressing instantly increases the fat and sugar content. Forgo heavy dressings in favor of olive oil with a little balsamic vinegar or lemon juice.

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