High Low: Four-Poster Beds

dh-high-low-bed-market-high FOR RICHER: Available in a slew of wood options spanning beech to American cherry, this sleek style upturns the notion of the four-poster bed as a carved, velvet curtain-cloaked 16th-century relic. Instead, German designers Birgit Gammerler and Christiane Bambuch strip the design down to its barest essentials: four gorgeous solid wood posts that work as a succinct, polished frame for your own personal slumber party. $7640-$13070, Suite New York
dh-high-low-bed-market-low FOR POORER: A more rustic interpretation, the Woodland Slumber Canopy Bed features an equally beautiful-in-its-simplicity framework of squared-off oak posts, with a textured driftwood finish and matching headboard. The name may not be celestial, but the price is also much more down-to-earth. $2698, Anthropologie