High Low: Painterly Rugs

dh-high-low-impressionistic-rug-thumbs-high FOR RICHER: Known for their evocative painterly prints, fine artist husband-and-wife duo Brad Davis and Janis Provisor of Fort Street Studio take things in a free-form direction with the Strato Rug from their Wool+ collection, a hand-knotted stunner made from wild Dandon silk harvested in northern China. From $7850, Fort Street Studio


dh-high-low-impressionistic-rug-thumbs-low FOR POORER: Safavieh's muted Deco-inspired power-loomed rug takes artistic direction from Monet and the gang, checking the amorphous box with its moody watercolor wash of ivory and gray. What's more, the price is so cost-effective that you may even have enough left over for a framed landscape to match. $178, Rakuten