High Low: Starburst Chandelier

dh-high-low-starburst-chandelier-market-02 FOR RICHER: Ask any lighting designer, after paint, lighting is the biggest game-changer, invariably shifting a room from meh to magnificent. This exuberant beauty by Anteriors, with its nod to both the spiny sea creature and the space age, stuns with its glamor and sophistication. Made of iron and finished in antique brass, it will definitely light up your life. Zanadoo chandelier by Arteriors, $1,920, Zinc Door
dh-high-low-starburst-chandelier-market-01 FOR POORER: If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then this golden sparkler shines in its adulation. What it lacks in authenticity, it makes up for in attention to detail. Its birch wood core is hand-painted gold and set with hundreds of tiny gold metal spines. And did we mention that it's custom-made? Make it bigger or smaller, change the number of spines, hang it from a chain or a rod. It may be cheaper but it's certainly not a cheap option. Urchin Chandelier, $399, Dutton Brown