High Low: Windsor Chairs

dh-high-low-windsor-chair-high FOR RICHER: RISD alums Jonathan Glatt and Sara Ossana are behind Rhode Island-based furniture studio O&G, whose slender spindled Colt Highback updates the classic Windsor chair, and nods to Scandinavian and Shaker traditions too. The subtly arched style is available in painted or stained finishes. From $920, O&G Studio
dh-high-low-windsor-chair-low FOR POORER: Crate and Barrel's handcrafted, sustainably sourced maple wood Marlow II Black Side Chair features a less-prominent curve, a more populated spindle count (no judgment!), and is no slouch in the saddle--in fact, its molded seat offers comfort belied by its sleek appearance. $299, Crate & Barrel