Turns Out, Your High-Protein Diet May Be Causing Skin Pigmentation

Updated 04/30/19
Frances Davison

You don't have to be a professional bodybuilder to have incorporated protein into your diet these days. From morning shakes to afternoon snacks, protein has become a recent mainstay in our meals, thanks to its ability to replenish our energy and make us feel fuller for longer. But while you may be seeing its positive impact on your body—hello there, newfound abs!—protein could also be the culprit behind some of the pigmentation on your face too.

According to Roxanne Cavalieri, a skin expert and trainer at Skinstitut, high-protein diets could be to blame for the uneven skin tone and blotchiness you may have noticed on your profile lately. What exactly is going on? Well, that steady feast of chicken, eggs, and fish is reducing your blood pressure, but it's also limiting your intake of other healthy necessities, too.

"When a client consumes a high-protein diet, they may inadvertently delete essential nutrients and antioxidants from the diet that are essential for protecting against oxidation of the skin," Cavalieri said. Oxidation is what causes our skin to develop dark spots, but that's just the half of it. Cavalieri also explains that we should look out for glycation too. "Glycation is a second insult to the skin protein, and it is caused by the linking of sugars with dermal proteins," she adds.

Instead of only filling your next plate with nothing but protein-based foods, Cavalieri suggests creating a meal that resembles the colors of a rainbow. Opt for the bright hues of fruits and vegetables that have the antioxidants you need, and remember to chow down in the nightshade family. Cavalieri also warns against sun exposure and recommends changing your skincare routine if needed. It may not be so easy to cut down on your protein habit, but we'd agree that clearer skin is a good incentive to try.

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