These Are the Highest-Paying Jobs for Women in 2016

One of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s most important campaign platforms is her fight to close the wage gap between men and women—“equal pay for equal work,” as she usually puts it. It’s a noble cause as so many industries continue to be dominated by men who make far more than their female counterparts.

But according to a new piece from Business Insider, in which the site lists the 20 highest-paying jobs for women, there are “some fields where women not only make up a high percentage of the workforce, but they earn competitive pay doing it.”

They arrived at this conclusion thanks to a new study conducted by PayScale. The online salary, benefits, and compensation information company examined specific occupations “with the highest median pay for women with five to eight years of experience.” According to BI, only jobs in which 40% of workers are female were included. Here are the top three highest-paying jobs for women, as listed by Business Insider.

3. Vice Presidents of Marketing

They determine strategies to improve or maintain the market shares for the goods or services sold.

Percentage of women: 49%

Median pay: $123,000

2. General Pediatricians

They are doctors who specialize in the care of infants, children, and adolescents.

Percentage of women: 74%

Median pay: $152,000

1. General Practice Physicians

They diagnose and assist patients with routine checkups and examinations.

Percentage of women: 49%

Median pay: $173,000

Head on over to Business Insider to see the rest of the 20 highest-paying jobs for women and tell us: What do you think can be done to achieve equal pay for women in all fields?