A Glowing Hilary Duff Celebrates in Style

To celebrate their newly launched, health-driven website How You Glow, co-founders Jessie Groveman and Tara Sowlaty invited their friends, including actress Hilary Duff, to a cozy al fresco dinner party and feast for the senses. "How You Glow is a resource for individuals looking for insider tips, tricks, and solutions on how to get the GLOW--a positive vibrational energy that radiates from the inside out," share Groveman and Sowlaty. "We aim to give readers inventive nourishment to empower them to live delicious lives that make them light up from within." Surrounded by luscious flowers and nourished by a soulfully delicious meal, the co-founders took entertaining inspiration from their own mantra to spread the glow.


To set the tone of the event and create a festive mood, for the floral arrangements, Groveman and Sowlaty sought help from Kristin Caissie of Moon Canyon. "We were inspired by seasonal citrus and jewel tones so we decided to include kumquats, bougainvillea, and some lavender hues in the florals," the co-founders share. The arrangements picked up on the existing citrus trees and flowering vines in the back-yard setting creating a cozy, enveloping atmosphere. Spilling over their containers onto the table, the arrangements added a natural and organic feeling to the evening's decor. Ever the thoughtful contributor, Caissie prepared a special treat for the ladies of the evening. "Kristin came with fresh flower crowns in hand," Sowlaty and Groveman gleefully describe. "They were so gorgeous and thoughtful, incorporating the florals in our table arrangements beautifully."

glow3 glow1 glow2
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Speaking of delicious lives, Groveman and Sowlaty worked with Chef Free Dominguez from Kitchensurfing to craft the Moroccan-inspired meal they chose for their guests. "We're both obsessed with food," Sowlaty shares. "So it was really important to us that the food and vibe matched." Starting with a spread of theme-inspired appetizers, come dinnertime the party moved to their main table for a family-style meal of North African-influenced cuisine. On the menu: a lemon-olive chicken tagine, kale salad, and caramelized onion quinoa. After dessert guests took home a thoughtful reminder of the night courtesy of Chef Dominguez. "Our chef opted for an incredibly addicting cinnamon-dried fruit-oat granola that was super delicious," the co-founders share. "It's those little touches and details that make all the difference."

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Lit by overhead twinkling lights complimented by a table full of simple, white pillar candles, the group created a festive, glowing atmosphere. "It was a magical, whirlwind evening where we got to celebrate the launch of How You Glow and more importantly the incredible, glowing souls that we had the honor of featuring," the ladies share. "It was our way of giving them a big thank-you with a beautiful night."
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 Do you have a favorite way of entertaining al fresco? Share your experiences in the comments below. Photographs: Matt Sayles