Hillary Kerr: 10 Things I Can't Live Without

A woman who has fostered a career on her fabulous taste, Kerr is our office go-to for creative ideas, fun suggestions, and celebratory know-how. "My entertaining style is definitely two things: impromptu and maximalist. Planning a party isn't really my thing; I much prefer a spontaneous get together or an accidental party," she says. Always one to offer a perfect pun or chic suggestion, we asked her to share her must-haves for living and entertaining with style. header1  
12 Sonos Play:3 Wireless Speaker For Streaming Music Making mixtapes is probably my favorite hobby, especially because I get to listen to them on these dummy-proof speakers. They sound great and are so ridiculously easy to set up, I bet even my mom could do it. (Love you Carole!) $300, Best Buy
11 Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne My (very indulgent) New Year's resolution was to always have one bottle in the fridge and one in the bar. It's the only resolution I've ever kept. When you have bubbles on hand, you celebrate more. And that is never a bad thing! $50, Wine
10 August Morgan Embroidered Owl Have Another Cocktail Napkins As you might have guessed, I like to entertain. The punny line on these linen cocktail napkins just slays me. There are also many different styles available, if you don't fancy owls. Bees, camels, you name it. $32 (Set of Four), Taigan
9 Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle I'm a girly girl, but I don't like my house to smell particularly feminine, which is why this woodsy candle is my go-to. The scent is relatively subtle, which I like, and everyone seems to adore it. $60, Diptyque Paris
8 Orchids Honestly: I have a black thumb. But I love flowers! My compromise is buying potted orchids at Trader Joe's. They're pretty inexpensive and when they stop flowering, I take them to my mom's house where she rehabs them. It's a cycle. $10, Ikea
7 Madeline Weinrib Black Stripe Pencil Box The thought of seeing all my TV remotes, all over my coffee table? Horrifying. So I hide/organize them in a Madeline Weinrib pencil box. It looks so much better, plus it's easier to find my Apple TV remote now. $395, Barney's New York
6 Vintage Jadeite Dishes Green is my favorite color and I have a soft spot for all things vintage. The result of these two predilections is my collection of Jadeite dishes. I store them with my vintage cookbooks--so pretty! $48, Ruby Lane
5 Lips Print by Jessica Rowe I have four of these Lara Stone-inspired prints by Jessica Rowe hanging in my dining room: I'm just obsessed. The site where I bought them--Made By Girl--is a great source for affordable art and gifts too. $44, The Aestate
4 Laguiole Cheese Knives A really amazing friend of mine gave me these knives for Christmas last year and I've used them a million times since. They're so chic and actually work really well: win, win. $56 (Set of Four), Bed Bath and Beyond
3 Vintage Books Books, especially vintage ones, are my weakness and AbeBooks.com is where I go to indulge. It's the best website for old copies of all my favorite slightly salacious books: Scruples by Judith Krantz, Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann, and Rules of Attraction by Bret Easton Ellis from $1, AbeBooks
1 Remi Bookcases My book collection was out of control, but now it's neatly organized in these simple bookcases. This style really appealed to me because it's pretty timeless, plus the brass brings a little understated glamour to my living room. $899, Crate & Barrel
2 Breville Stainless Steel Smart Oven Microwaves aren't for me, but I've never met a toaster oven I didn't adore. I use mine every single day, usually for melting cheese on something. $250, Sur la Table
Photographs: Andrew Arthur