Hillary's Hacks: 11 Magical Life Lessons From Our Co-Founder

Ever wonder why we weren’t all given a guide book to help us get through life and all its dilemmas? You know—one that contains the kind of wise advice we actually need (versus all those over-the-top warnings from our overprotective parents)? Well, you will after watching The CW’s show Charmed, premiering October 14th at 9/8c. The new series follows the journey of three sisters who must learn how to work together when they discover that they’re witches (casual).

They got a magic spellbook to help them along, but since we’re unlikely to stumble across one of our own, we tend to rely on advice from people we admire. Enter: Hillary Kerr, our incredibly knowledgeable, hilarious, career-savvy, supremely stylish co-founder who always seems to have been through all of the things we want advice on. In preparation for the Charmed premiere, we’ve asked Hillary for her best life spells (aka hacks) every woman should know. Trust us: Commit these to memory and you’ll live a magical life.