5 Things to Talk About Today

  • A 390-year-old white pine bonsai tree survived the Hiroshima atomic bomb blast in Japan during World War II. The tree now lives at the Arboretum’s National Bonsai and Penjing Museum but was originally donated by a bonsai master, Masaru Yamaki, as part of a 53-specimen gift to the United States for its 1976 bicentennial. The relic has a thick trunk of almost a foot and a half, with spindly leaves that resemble a healthy head of hair. An old news clip shows footage at the Yamaki Nursery after the blast, revealing the unscathed pine in the background. The history of the bonsai will be honored this week to mark the 70th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing. — Washington Post
  • The CEO who raised his employee minimum wage to $70,000 has had some workers quit because of his decision. Three months ago, Dan Price, founder and CEO of the Seattle-based credit-card-payment processing firm Gravity Payments, made headlines when he announced he'd be slashing his own million-dollar pay package to do it. But he did not expect the barrage of publicity and some negativity within the company as a result of his positive gesture. A former employee explained why some were unhappy with the decision: "He gave raises to people who have the least skills and are the least equipped to do the job, and the ones who were taking on the most didn’t get much of a bump." — The New York Times
  • After 16 years, famous rapper and producer Dr. Dre will release his first album since 1999's 2001. Industry talents Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Snoop Lion, and Ice Cube are all featured on the long-awaited new album, which will be released on iTunes and Apple Music this Friday. Dr. Dre drew his inspiration for the new release from the upcoming film Straight Outta Compton, which documents the story of popular rap group N.W.A. — CNN
  • Standup comedian Amy Schumer has joined forces with her cousin New York Senator Charles Schumer in the fight for tighter gun control. Schumer was shaken by the fatal shooting in a Louisiana movie theater that killed two women and injured nine others during a screening of Trainwreck, in which she starred. They are working closely on a three-part plan that will make it harder for violent criminals and the mentally ill to obtain firearms. — SFGate
  • Apple is planning to remove voicemail and replace it with Siri. Currently in testing mode, the new version will have Siri answer your missed calls and then transcribe the voicemail messages so you never have to listen to them again. The new system will appeal to a younger generation that has lost interest in receiving voicemail but still likes to leave a voice message because it's quicker than typing. The launch is expected in 2016. — Business Insider