Tour a Stately and Stylish Historic Michigan Home

Alyson Cameron, who started her art direction career at the original Domino magazine, decided a few years back that the hustle and bustle of city life was no longer the best fit for her husband, Russ, and their son, so the trio left New York behind in search of more space and peaceful living. They found a historic home in the small village of Schoolcraft, Michigan (which has a population of 1,500) and began a new adventure.

Built in 1867, the Italianate-style five-bedroom home is on a piece of land that was previously a stop on the Underground Railroad. Though Cameron and her husband are both originally from Texas, the couple followed their careers to New York, where they had lived for six years. “Those Pure Michigan commercials are cheesy I guess, but actually—they're spot on!” Cameron said. “We love the authenticity of life here.” To decorate the space, Cameron combined pieces sourced from family members, as well as items found in local flea markets and consignment stores.

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