30 Under-$30 H&M Home Steals in My Cart Right Now


H&M Home

I tend to apply the same principle to decorating my home as I do styling my closet, and it never fails me. It's simple: Invest in timeless, well-made pieces that don't adhere to a single trend, then add personality and quirk via small, inexpensive accessories. It's hardly a groundbreaking idea, but it means that I never tire of large furniture like my coffee table or sofa, but I always feel like my space is evolving and on trend, thanks to the odd velvet throw cushion or sculptural lamp.

I've followed this rule for years, and one brand continues to draw me in with its cool, trend-driven home accessories that don't break the bank: H&M Home. The Swedish retail giant just gets it. Its products align with my personal style (minimalist and sleek), touch on the season's top trends without being too obvious or tacky, and cost less than a meal out with friends. The latest fall drop is no exception, and over the past week, I've quickly accumulated a few items in my cart to take my living room into the next season. Here are the products I'm eyeing at the moment—and they're all under $30.

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